Straight Talk About Warranties

It seems that every glass and window company today is offering ten-year warranties on their insulated glass replacements.

  • Most of these companies do not have a written warranty document.
  • No manufacturer of conventional Insulated Glass systems include payment for labor or service calls under their warranties.

How, then, can these companies offer warranties of such incredible length? We suspect that warranties have become a game of one-upmanship, since at least one merchandiser is offering to warranty replace insulated glass units for as long as you own your home. Consumers who make buying decisions based on length of warranty without regard for reason of warranty length are likely to become disappointed when seal failure comes again, as it surely will.

Lanham Window Company is the first local glass company to offer a TWENTY-year WRITTEN warranty on our insulated glass products.

We at Lanham Window Company are flattered that so many companies want to offer a warranty just like ours. We urge you, the consumer, to exercise caution when considering warranty length without reason. The product must be strong enough to outlive the warranty period nearly 100% of the time for the company to survive. Your own experience is likely to suggest that conventional single seal systems will not last anywhere close to twenty years.

Lanham Window Company is proud to say that our failure rate is a mere .001% of all insulated glass units we have installed. We provide the best available product in this field and our results prove it. That is why we are not out on a limb with our twenty-year warranty that includes labor and can be transferred to a new homeowner if you sell your home.

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